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Drive Thru Lanes for Moms

I'm pretty sure I am not the only mom out there that wishes every place in town had a drive thru window. As a mom that lives out of town, it takes a good amount of time to get where your going and it never fails that about 10 minutes before we get to the feed store in town my kids go to sleep. If only they would fall asleep when we leave the ranch they would get a decent nap and be tolerable when we get to town but NO!!! They fight and mess around for 30 minutes and when we are about to get to the store BAM their out. Then when you open the backseat door it's like looking at a time bomb and you have to chose which wires not to touch while waking them up or the entire population of the feed store may suffer. It could go 2 different ways: one they will be exacted to go into the feed store and we will skip on in laughing and all happy. Or two, one will be screaming about his boots falling off while I'm trying to wrestle him in my arms and the other dragging his feet (wearing out his boots, aahh!) and trying to fall down in the parking lot because he just can't walk anymore. If only the feed store had a Drive Thru Lane for Moms. You pull up, talk to a nice lady at a window and order your mineral, corn, etc. and a wonderful man loads you up without ever having to wake up your two time bombs sleeping in the back. The Drive Thru Lane will of course have to accommodate a horse trailer. But not just the feed store, in my dream land, every store would have that special lane for Moms. I can't tell you the amount of times I just didn't get those couple of things on my list because it would have involved me having to get out at one more store and me having to explain to my kids one more time that we can not get the handy sock helper at Walgreens or whatever new cool thing they found in the store. So, Dear City Planners, Please install Mom Drive Thru Lanes!!!! Thank you :)

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