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The Shape of His Hat

Cowboys all have similar things in common: hardworking, wranglers, long sleeve shirts, and a cowboy hat. If you didn't know any better you would say all cowboys look alike but if you truly look at a cowboy and compare him to another you notice the Shape of His Hat.

The other evening the CowBoss and I were out doing chores before a storm rolled in. I was on one side of the arena while he was on the other feeding roping cattle. The sun was setting off to the west as the storm was rolling in from the north. The setting sun was of a burnt orange color with the dark thunder clouds above it. As I noticed the pretty colors and said a little thankful prayer I took in that the CowBoss was right in front of the sunset. I couldn't make out his face or what he was wearing but I could perfectly see the Shape of His Hat. It was him. A flawless silhouette of a cowboy with his own distinct shaped hat. A hat that I could spot in a arena of 200 cowboys. The shape of a hat is what makes the cowboy different from all his peers. It makes him, him. As I took in the colors of the sky and image of my working husband I got that silly ole butterfly feeling run through me. The feeling of pride, thankfulness, and blessings. I felt an amazing amount of love for my husband at that moment, which after 10 years and 2 kids is a pretty good thing if you ask me ;) Every once in while it catches me by surprise that with everything that goes in a day, kids, cows, work, laundry, cooking, that even when you think your day is rough and you almost just need to sit down right in the middle of the pasture and cry you can have a moment so small that makes you humble and thankful for the crazy days you have.

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