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About Me

If you really want to know, I am no one special. I am the wife to the CowBoss and the Momma to two cowboys. As you read through my blog you will find that my writing and grammar skills could use some work and some of my stories may drag on a bit. I wanted to start this blog as a place to tell stories and experiences with hopes I may meet a few friends that live a similar lifestyle as me. When you work and run a ranch and in middle you are trying to raise a family things can get silly, fast, out of control, and most of all wild. It seems like you wake up in the morning and hustle through your day just to start all over again the next day. Days are filled with trying to get kids dressed for school, feeding bottle calves, cooking breakfast, packing lunches and snacks, saddleing horses, running a pen of steers between laundry loads and you name it I'm sure it fits in there somewhere. 

Being the Ranch Momma means I try to take care of everyone and almost everything. If there's a will there's a way I'm going to get it done. My life is the best I could have ever imaged it being (remind me of this when I am having a break down because my kids won't brush their teeth at night) but through the dusty days, cold nights checking heifers, warm snuggles with my cowboys, burnt biscuits, and frogs found in shirt pockets it makes everyday the very best! 

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