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Date Night?

What is a Date Night? As the wife to the CowBoss that simply means going along with him to check cows so I have to open all the gates. After you have little ones its so easy to forgot about being a husband and wife. With kids and cows there is always someone that needs tending to and you forgot to tend to each other most of all. I have been married to the CowBoss for 10 years and in those 10 years we have done a lot of work together. There have been days when we laugh all day and everything goes as smooth as butter AND THEN there are the days where I am ready to pack my bags and say "Adios". There is something about the mixture of a husband, wife, horses, and cattle that sometimes just doesn't mix well together. Its not like a margarita, no matter what order you put the ingredients in, it always turns out amazing :) But after being together for so long, as a wife, you learn when and how to do things to avoid the everlovin cussing that can come from working with the CowBoss. At the end of the day what matters most is that nobody got hurt and the job got done the best it could. To me a simple squeeze of the hand at dinner or a nice over the back hug while standing at the stove is just as good as any Date Night.

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